Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fashion statement

Ma Shrimp, now that she's done with raising a family, has become quite the flashy dresser. These days, she's showing off a slinky, speckled skirt, green and black, with white stripes and a black and grey lacy frill down the front; striped leggings; a green and yellow patterned coat. And I love her new vest!

Sitka shrimp

As she was, back when she had youngsters to deal with:

In berry, last May

The other three shrimp that came home with her have all turned red as they grew, with the largest being the reddest.  All four are semi-transparent against a bright light. In the wild, that gives them double-duty camouflage; they're dark and mottled, as a fish would see them from above, and blend into the patterns of the sea floor. Seen from below, as by a crab, they match the light from the sky.

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  1. All dressed up like that, she'll be pregnant again in no time....hussy. Hopefully, there is a male in there somewhere for her to get in trouble with.


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