Saturday, August 08, 2015


... did drop in to visit.

She slept in the angle of the ceiling and wall above my desk for two days, then went about her business.

Drumming katydid, female*, Meconema thallassinum

These insects drum on leaves with their hind legs. And they hear their song with an organ that functions like our ears, with a membrane (the typanum) stretched over an air sac. Except that the "ear" is on the front leg, just below the knee.

Front leg, with tympanal organ.

"Do you mind if I drum on your wall?"

*The female has a long, pointed ovipositor at the end of the abdomen. The male has two curved pincer-like appendages instead.


  1. I met Mormon Crickets for the first time last weekend and the ovipositor really surprised me. They were all busy putting it to use

    I have never met a Katydid here in Puget Sound country.

  2. Very sharp picture - love the green color...

  3. Upupaepops; I don't think I've ever seen Mormon crickets, either.

    Susan; thanks! It's a marvelous, jewel-like green, isn't it?


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