Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've been working with the new toys today, trying out different flash/camera/reflector setups, reading manuals, wrestling with software. I may have a good-ish photo or two; I still haven't processed any.

And then I put everything away. And went into the bathroom to mop the floor, and found a small pink and orange moth fluttering around the mirror.

I ran for the camera and chased him around the mirror, holding that heavy lens and flash over my head, hoping for a focus.

Resting, for a brief moment.

Hurrying to get away from that horrible light.

And then he scurried behind the mirror and the photo session was over.

I'll send him in to BugGuide for an ID tomorrow.

UPDATE: This just in, from BugGuide: it's an Oak skeletonizer moth, Carcina quercana. And when they gave me the ID, and I looked at BugGuide's other photos of this moth, I saw one I recognized; it's one I sent in, back in 2011. No wonder it looked familiar!

Carcina quercana, August 2011, in Strathcona.

(Trapped like this, it gave me plenty of time to get a photo.)


  1. Not sure but I think it may be a one of the Tortrix moths (family Tortricidae.

  2. Choristoneura ? A budworm moth?

  3. Steve and Upupaepops, Thanks, I think that's it. I've sent it in to BugGuide.

  4. The people at BugGuide are fast! It's an oak skeletonizer moth, Carcina quercana. I'll update the post accordingly.

  5. Steve, I just discovered that it is alternately called Tortrix quercana.


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