Thursday, May 07, 2015

192 photos

This week, the tides have been extremely low in the afternoons. I arrived at the beach early enough this afternoon to walk to the far edge, to where there was nothing but a narrow channel of water between me and the border marker in the middle of the bay.

I came back with the camera loaded, critters to settle and photograph at home, beasties to identify; I'll be busy for a bit.

For now, here's a hitchhiker that came home on some eelgrass: a pinhead snail. A small pinhead, that is.

White body, round shell. Unidentifiable at this age.

There were two of these; I was surprised at how fast they can move. Between the time I focussed on this little guy with the camera, and reached for the shutter button, he repeatedly moved out of range. I finally just aimed at the general area until he happened to wander into focus.

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