Monday, February 02, 2015

Happy cottonwood

The redwing blackbird males are back at the Centennial Beach duck pond, and tuning up for the big nesting site sale, starting when the first females arrive.

Cottonwood tree full of contented chirps, squeaks, and quiet "Konk-i-rees". Full chorus begins soon.

The powers that be have fenced off the duck pond and surrounded it with shrubbery. Not so handy for us bird watchers; once the shrubs have leafed out, we will have to stand on picnic tables to see the birds. But the ducks seem pleased, and the reedy island in the centre will be a better nesting site than before. More private, and with less floating trash, I think.


  1. I am noticing juncos really doing a lot of territory singing and chasing

    Non-winter at its finest

  2. I saw a robin yesterday. All good signs. - Margy


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