Saturday, December 20, 2014

Something old

I have three small antique Chinese ginger jars, the everyday, cheap earthenware pots that were used in every home. They were found on Vancouver Island, buried in a garden, and are much the worse for wear. I use a couple of them to hold small tools and brushes that I use in the aquarium.

Today, I was looking more closely at the old glaze, and took a few close-up photos. Laurie says they look like fields of flowers.

Glassy crystals, pitting, and old earthenware showing through.

Almost like frost patterns.

The third pot holds some real flowers; dried pearly everlastings from a few years back. They seem to fit in with the pot design.

Pearly everlastings, Anaphalis margaritacea.

These grow by the roadsides in dry spots, and are dry and stiff even freshly picked. And they keep for years, as bright as the day they were picked. I always have a jar of them somewhere around the house.

The small whitish to yellowish flower grows in a corymb inflorescence. The inflorescence's most conspicuous part is the numerous white bracts that surround the actual flowers. (Wikipedia)

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