Monday, November 17, 2014

Rainbow leaves

They come in every colour but blue. But for that, we have skies.

One of Laurie's hostas, under a mulch donated by the trees overhead.

This one turned up by the back door, blown in from a neighbour's tree.

Detail of dead maple leaf

Sunlight through sweet gum leaves and seed pods. At the mall.


  1. I love your leaves - we are getting snow today, so I feel that all of our leaves are done for the year...
    But the sandpipers taking flight, in the next post - the first one is my favourite image!!!

  2. I was at Ft. Flagler yesterday and was surprised to only see three Plovers and one Sanderling. That's the fewest I've seen since I started walking there five or six yeas ago.

  3. Loren. That's disheartening. You should have tons of birds there.


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