Monday, September 01, 2014


Two weeks ago, the underwater filter in my aquarium shorted out and electrified the water, then smoked it as well. Several of the largest of the grainy hand hermits died. I changed the water several times in a row, to leach poisons out of the sand, and I've bought and installed a much better filter, one that hangs on the outside of the tank.

Now all seems to be well. The rest of the grainy hand hermits were lethargic for the first week, but are back to normal. The other two species of hermits, the hairies and the tiny orange ones, didn't seem to be affected at all.

So I've been doing a complete inventory of the critters in the tank these last few days, checking to see that everyone's healthy and happy.

One resident that doesn't seem to have suffered at all is this big polychaete worm:

Standing tall, about a quarter out of his burrow, looking for shrimp pellets to steal from the hermits. The snail is on the glass in front of him.

Just poking his head out of the hole, with his mouth open.

I count 4 tentacles, a fat palp, and then a smaller tentacle, just on the right side of his head. It makes me wonder: do each of these tentacles have a different function?

And then, there are the eyes. This worm is quite tame, and let me get a fairly clear view of them; usually, these guys disappear into their burrow the minute anyone comes near, or a light is aimed in their direction.

Four purplish-blue eyes.

Out of the sand, he's about 6 inches long, and as fat as a large earthworm.

More tank residents tomorrow.

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