Sunday, May 18, 2014

Miles of seaweed, sand and snails.

The tide was low, low, low this afternoon. From Crescent Beach, it almost seemed as though we could walk to the far side of Boundary Bay, at Centennial Beach. I tried.

Halfway to the tide line. That's Point Roberts and Centennial Beach at the far right.

Walking the dog, far away. I think this is directly south, near the edge of Semiahmoo Bay.

I walked to the west edge of the beach, but then there was a wide stretch of water before the sand started on the Centennial Beach side. Of course there was; there's a river running down through there, the combined Nicomekl and Serpentine Rivers flowing out of Mud Bay.

And it's 7 miles, shore to shore. It just looks like a quick walk.


  1. mudflats are such a wonderful habitat

  2. On this beach, the surface inhabitants are mostly two competing species of invasive mud snails. With a few barnacles, hermits, and crabs for variety.


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