Friday, November 01, 2013

Fallen leaves

And a hint of mist . . .

Centennial Park, Tsawwassen

We had 50-some trick-or-treaters, plus parents, this evening. I am so tired now, I can't keep my eyes open to the end of a sentence.



  1. this will be added to tomorrow

    big wind storm coming

    I got zero T&T here
    candy in the freezer

  2. One thing I miss about living in a regular house in an established neighbourhood is Halloween trick or treat. I used to love to see all the kids in costume. - Margy

  3. The white stuff is scattered around our ground now. Sigh. All day it came down yesterday and most of the morning. Temps around freezing. Main roads slushy. 108 Roads are always the worst. Wet, heavy snow - Ugh - too much reminiscent of the coast.

  4. Upupaepops; candy in the freezer! Good idea! I'm not good at resisting leftovers in the cupboards. I followed your example, and my chocolates are now crunchy. :)

    Margy, do you still have the condo in town? Might be worth while spending night there next year.


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