Friday, October 11, 2013

Buzzing about flatworm eggs

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of flatworms on the White Rock beach:

Seven flatworms and patches of "ooze".

I commented, then,
Not all the ooze on that stone is flatworm. The more shapeless and patternless blobs seem to be some sort of sponge.
But last night, searching for some sort of clue about my mystery critter (more on this tomorrow), I found these "blobs".

Photo from Buzz's Marine Life of Puget Sound, just south of us.

Buzz describes these as "Flatworm with flatworm eggs". I don't know if all those eggs are from the same flatworm, or if there were others on the moon snail collar. Buzz doesn't say.

So now I know, for next time.

It's worth going over to Buzz's site; it's full of great information, and wonderful photos, from plankton to seaweed to whales. One page that I've found very helpful is "Eggs of the Intertidal". These flatworms are on that page, too, but I never noticed them until I had actually seen them on the beach.

His photos, on the blog, are small. If you click on any one, however, you get a full-size copy, with a row of thumbnails below, showing all the rest of the photos on that page that you can click or scroll through.


  1. You have such a wealth of information about the seashore. - Margy

  2. Lots of wonderful images!!! My favourites on this page are the orange anemone and the real close-up of the moth from last week!!!! I may not get here often, but I know I will have a good time when I get here!!!


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