Thursday, July 04, 2013

Not zombies, after all.

The mystery explained:

When I first posted photos of the headless dog walkers on the Semiahmoo beach, back in 2010, I suggested that they might be zombies. After all, what else would be walking around missing essential body parts?

But no; they're something much more prosaic. Scrap metal, remains of an old pier and shingle mill operation.

Here they are in 2010, as I first saw them.

Three walkers, headless and torso-less.

And a couple of weeks ago:

The left and center walkers of the previous photo. Still walking, after all this time.

And there's a whole mob of them!

Invasion of the body snatched?

Let's go look at them from speaking distance. They're safe, if only because they're so sluggish.

Runner, on tiptoes. Probably a dancer, too. Unusual, in that she has a torso. Just the head and arms are missing.

Cute little poodle. 

Is this doggie wearing sunglasses?

Under all those barnacles and mussels is a skeleton of rusting metal, firmly anchored deep in the sand. I couldn't move even the smallest of them. Here are a few spare parts:

Sharp edges. I wouldn't want to wade here if it were too deep to see what I was stumbling over.

Framework of some sort. Can't be moved, either.

Piece of something or other.

I'll tell the story behind all these, tomorrow.


  1. Interesting!!! I love seeing the creatures up close, and I so wish I could wander your beach...

  2. Not to be picky, but zombies, while they can do without most body parts, need their heads (unless they are pre-Romero zombies...but those would just be wacky to find on a beach).

  3. I guess they need their heads so as to have a mouth to eat brains with. But then, these are on a beach, so maybe the fish ate their heads and the tide swept the bare skulls away.

    That's as if they had actually turned out to be zombies, but no; they're (mostly) alive, except for the metallic skeletons.


  4. In the first shot, I thought maybe roots washed up on shore. On Powell Lake we have lots that look like giant spiders walking along the water's edge. I just love finding old pits of history like that. - Margy


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