Monday, July 29, 2013

Jittery green and patient orange

We met this metallic green sweat bee on the path up from the beach today. It flew a few inches above the ground, never pausing, never sticking to any direction for long, zigging and zagging like a rabbit with a fox after it. But it was brilliant, and green, so very green; we had to get its photo!

Looks like an Agapostemon.

So we stumbled about, bent over double, cameras aiming at the spot where it had been half a second before, exclaiming, "There it is! No, it's gone! There! Missed again! . . ." It is a well-travelled path, especially on a warm Sunday afternoon. A whole raft of people are probably still laughing.

I took over 30 photos, Laurie a few more. And the photo above is the best we could do. Dratted speedster!

And I came home to my peaceful orange cross spider, resting quietly on her web between the orange begonia and the sausage vine. As usual. Ah!

Araneus diadematus, a small female. Nice kid; stays put.


  1. I was sure that the Morning Cloak caterpillar would chrysalize today so spent the afternoon weeding and digging in the side garden with an eye to it camera all set up (I had better things to do!!!). Alas, a watched pot never boils! Tomorrow morning I'm busy and by the time I am done it will probably be buttoned up too. Sigh. These critters have no sensibilities to our time constraints and/or our ability to move with the speed of light or lack of ability to anticipate their next move.

  2. I came in for an hour or so to make a pavlova and just went out to check ... and the little bugger buttoned up! It does have a wee bug attached so that does not bode well.


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