Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful invader

Along the trails in the Watershed Park forest, where a bit of sunshine sometimes reaches the forest floor, Herb Robert gets a toehold.

"Stinky Bob", as it is known south of the border, in the US. Flowers and seed capsules.

Given time and opportunity, it will take over the area, evicting the evergreen ferns and mosses, discouraging the mushrooms that thrive in the moist dimness, leaving a tangled mass of red-brown stems by midsummer.

I found one good thing about Herb Robert.
Freshly picked leaves have an odor resembling burning tires when crushed, and if they are rubbed on the body the smell is said to repel mosquitoes. (Wikipedia)
Very well, but it doesn't make up for the loss of the greens.

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