Monday, May 13, 2013

Promise of goodness to come

The salmon berries are finally flowering; I saw the first barely a week ago, still half open, then these a couple of days ago. It seems a bit late this year for them. I checked back to previous years; last year, they were just starting at the end of March. In 2011, I found some in a shady ravine the 21st of April. In 2008, it was the first week of April.

These were in Burns Bog, good terrain for salmonberry; wet and shady.

Flower and green berry, against the yellow-green of the sunny treetops.

The berries are still hard and green. Ripe, some will be salmon coloured, most deep red.


  1. Our salmonberries have been blooming for a bit now and are starting to show berries. The Thimbleberries were is flower yesterday - lovely to see.

  2. Everything seems to be late everywhere!

    How very elegant your photo of the flower is.

  3. our salmonberry appeared on time, what was late are the Rufous Hummers


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