Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not a purple spider

It was a purple day. We found purple irises in the sand at Boundary Bay, small, very purple irises in a driveway in Beach Grove, purple pansies in roadside gardens, and acres of purple lathyrus on the dunes. Add in a couple of purple shore crabs and a tall lilac bush. Purple!

Irises swaying in the wind.

I didn't even see the spider right in front of my nose until I looked at the photos. Here she is:

Laying in wait.

She's a crab spider, not camouflaged. But in the rainbow of colours all around, who's to notice? I'm sure she'll get a meal.

There's a second spider, if you look carefully at the top photo. Can you find it?

Besides purple, there was much more to be seen. We came home with hundreds of photos, and I was already behind with my sorting and processing. I need a rainy week!

And I've got baby, as in infant, barely here, hermit crabs! More later.


  1. Love seeing those purple irises and the spider(s). We have a little pale yellow native wild iris that grows here. Sure are beautiful little flowers.

  2. We found purple iris alongside the road this weekend too - your photos are fabulous - they look so velvety and soft.


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