Saturday, March 16, 2013

White collared moth

It looks like the mothing season has begun here. (About time!) We've begun to see those little flighty Indian meal moths here and there, and tonight, this one was sleeping on the curtain behind my desk.

White head, white collar, fringed wings. 1/4 inch long.

I don't remember seeing one like this before; even from a distance, that white collar was startlingly bright. The two little dots at the front are the tips of two curved, up-turned "horns".

I can't identify it, and after looking at 2000 photos on BugGuide, I checked the last page of their images. There are 4108 pages, at 25 photos each page! That's 102,700 photos of moths. I gave up.

I've submitted it to them, but I don't have much hope of an ID. With so many moths, who can come close to knowing them all? But then again, they have surprised me before.

UPDATE: 6 hours later; They've done it again! It's the White-shouldered House Moth, Endrosis sarcitrellla. Amazing people!

And thanks, Troy!


  1. Tried to surprise you :)

  2. You did, Troy. I should have had more faith. Thanks!


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