Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sea pork! Oodles of sea pork!

Purple sea pork! Big, whopping chunks of it! And a sea cucumber, a sand shark, possible sponges, and several mystery critters!

No, not here. Go on over to Dawn's Bloggy Blog, and see what the storm brought in.

They're promising us rain, rain, rain and more rain here for the next couple of weeks. We may end up on the beach in rain gear, if things don't improve.

Working tonight; see you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the link. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog. Am now following it.

  2. I saw your title and thought, what? I've never heard of sea pork, and now it's washing up in NC and BC on the same day?!!

    I link your blog led me to hers several months ago, a wonderful thing.


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