Saturday, February 02, 2013

Is there a duck doctor in the house?

This Northern pintail has a damaged wing. Walking, he drags it on the ground; I didn't see him fly, which may be problematic. Swimming, he's ok.

The wing drags a bit in the water, but he steers fine.

He's fortunate to be at the Centennial Beach duck pond; there is plenty of cover in the reeds, food on the ground and in the water, and good company. Even females and nesting sites. What more could a duck want? (A duck doctor, maybe?)

We've been busy all week with various things, doings good and good-but-no-fun and one no-good-very-sad day, but we did manage the beach today, and the sun broke through the fog a few minutes after we'd ventured out into the grey mist. So kind of it! And we made some exciting finds, too!

Tomorrow's another of those days. This one promises to be a treat, but I may be too exhausted to blog when I get home. See you Monday, at least, then I'll start playing catch-up.

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  1. Well I do hope your day really was a treat of a day because it sounds like you needed it. Didn't like the sound of that "on-good-very-sad day", but I guess we all get the odd one of those.

    Snowing here today ... didn't expect it ... just a light snow ... doesn't look like it will amount to too much ... hopefully.


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