Friday, February 01, 2013

Happiness is a wet dog

I've been cleaning out and organizing my old hard drive, and I found this series of photos from three years ago. We love to watch dogs on the beach; they express their delight with every muscle and ripple of skin, and this black and white hound was more exhuberant than most.

Pausing momentarily, to pose

Running and laughing

Sand flying

"Hey, I'm a hound! Watch me track that clam!"

Found a friend!

"Oh, joy! Oh, bliss! Watch me dance!"

Even his tongue is flying!


  1. Wonderfully expressive, supple and alive body. I wish mine were more like that (. . . except for the black and white hair all over . . . it suits him but might look less becoming on me, interesting but . . .!)

  2. I could do with a bit of limbering up, too. Not the flapping jowls, though.

  3. He looks like a Great Dane, or at least a Great Dane mix- like he's all limbs. I wish I could be that happy just by running around.

  4. Can you bleive there's actually an aftershave and a shower gell in the UK called Wet Gundog!

  5. Unknown; If I could run around like that, I'd be that happy, too!

    Mark; Ewww! Wouldn't it be easier just to skip the shower? What next, breath mints in "Yesterday's Onion"?


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