Saturday, November 24, 2012

Granny Dressup, Smiley the Elk, and a Snarky Princess

Still rescuing old, forgotten photos ...

Every place we go, we always visit the antique/secondhand/thrift stores. No telling what we'll find, and each location has its own quirks. At Willow Point, in Campbell River, LJ's  Past and Present Curios is a favourite. The owner has three stuffed BC mammals. (She's not responsible for what's happened to them in the past, she says, but at least she can give them a good home now.) She loves to dress them up with her wares, trying to fit their personality.

Granny Otter, with her reading glasses and shawl.

A cheerful elk. Not For Sale, the sunburst on his nose says. Sometimes the antlers serve as jewelry  holders.

How do you tell the difference between an elk (Canadian usage) and a moose? The moose is bigger, although you can't see the size here. But the moose also has a heavy, drooping nose (see here); the elk is more deer-like.

In Europe the moose is called an elk. And the elk is a wapiti. Which is a kind of deer. Latin is better; the same everywhere. Alces alces is the moose. (Yes, you can translate that to Elk elk. Just to keep you properly confused.) And the elk (our elk) is Cervus canadensis. Cervus means "deer".

The snarky Princess. I think she's an ermine or weasel.She's standing on the counter, maybe 16 inches tall.

The animals are pets, after a fashion. They are not for sale, but their clothes are. This summer, they were outfitted differently.

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  1. What fun - though I doubt I would want to buy a dress pre-owned by a weasel. That's a helpful explanation about elks and moose. Trying to follow the names throws me - but the droopy nose keeps me straight.

    Thanks for following Message in a Milk Bottle at its new home of M2, Susannah. The pictures will be of precisely the same kind, no change there, but it's surprising what a difference the change in background colours makes to the atmosphere of a blog.


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