Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cure for cabin fever

Tsawwassen! Beach Grove! Boundary Bay! It seems ages since we were there together; not since this summer, because of Laurie's various injuries. He's getting better. This afternoon we made it back.

The weather co-operated. The rain stopped. There were even patches of blue sky, and the occasional glimmer of sunlight on a yellow-leaved tree.

We went to the Delta Potters sale, walked around, as we can't resist doing, several times, bought a few Christmas presents, and went back to the car. Laurie was still not in too much pain, so we went to our favourite lunch place in Tsawwassen town centre. I suggested, afterwards, a quick trip (only 5 more minutes driving) to Beach Grove, just to collect some water for my critters at the boat ramp, not to walk. Laurie said ok; he was tired, but he could handle it.

Beach Grove is BC's banana belt. Here it is November; our annuals have hidden away for the winter under a mulch of brown, soggy leaves. But not in Beach Grove! There the flowers are still in cheerful bloom. Along the streets we saw pink hydrangea, pots of marigolds, nasturtiums, roses, asters and dwarf sunflowers, fresh pansies, luxuriant fuschias, and more. Most of the trees are green. People are walking about in shorts and T-shirts. Golfers trundle their carts across the greens.

By the time winter arrives down there, spring will be on its heels.

At the boat ramp, a nasturtium sneaks out beneath a garden wall. The berries fell from a bush overhead.

Looks like holly, but the leaves aren't spiky.

Laurie was planning to wait for me in the car, but he couldn't resist; when I turned around to wade back with my water, he was on the beach taking photos, trying to zoom in on a flock of diving birds, too far out, and too often underwater to identify.

The tide was high, and the waves were forceful, if not really tall. They had stirred up the mud so that the water was brown for a good way out.

Boat ramp near the US border. Looking across to Mud Bay, Crescent Beach and Surrey beyond.

A recent storm loaded the beach with fresh eelgrass, both large and dwarf. I filled a bag in a couple of minutes. My critters are Happy!

Detail of a section of stump used as a stool.

Patches of blue sky, low blue hills. Looking south.

Sky over Point Roberts, with a gull on a post at the bottom.

On the way back through Beach Grove, we passed these pumpkins above a gate, looking as new and fresh as if they were carved this morning.



A Skywatch post.


  1. Awesome pictures:)

  2. Glad you guys got out--hooray!

    Wow, that Point Roberts shot is amazing! Fun to see views in different directions, and know what we're looking at.

    I'm very happy for your little creatures. Seems like everyone loves eelgrass. =)

  3. you've got great weather, love the azure background by the shore! thanks for sharing..

  4. Looks like a lovely day to have gotten out. Having a little cabin fever myself due to icy roads but yesterday warmed up and now all is clear. Hope to get some manure spread today! Not as enjoyable as your outing!

  5. Could still be holly -

  6. Eileen: Ah! Spreading manure! That brings back good memories of springs back in Bella Coola!

    Lucy; you're right. That's weird; spiky and round leaves on the same tree.

  7. I love the detail in the old stump. Good to hear Laurie is doing better. - Margy

  8. Anonymous12:15 am

    Yea yea


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