Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring ...

Rain! Rain! It's raining! Oh, joy, RAIN!

Rain, rain! Fabulous, magnificent, scrumptious rain!

If I seem to be overdoing it a bit, that's because I can't remember last time we saw rain here. Was it June? Maybe the beginning of July? Something like that. I know I began daily hand watering in July.

The lawn had turned brown, the hydrangea drooped, in spite of buckets of water poured at its feet. Even the rhododendrons were wilting.

It started raining Thursday night, rained steadily all day Friday, and it's still raining now, at almost 2 AM Saturday. Not a downpour, but just a steady drizzle. Perfect! My hydrangea has revived; the lawn is green again; the raccoons have skipped their usual evening bucket-tipping. It's RAINING!

Rainy-day pics in the backyard:

Bacopa, with raindrops.

Verbena, with nasturtium leaves

Wet chickadee

My little maple, getting ready to drop a batch of soggy, yellow leaves.

The patient wooden heron, with muddy feet. Bergenia and Creeping Jenny have stayed green, even through the dry spell.

I was beginning to think I was in Texas again. Beautiful in its own way, but I like BC, green and dripping BC. Yay, rain!


  1. 80+ days for us in Seattle

    It feels right, all is right with the world now

  2. We haven't had rain since July 1, but last Friday, down it came. What a glory. I'm ready for another six, seven months of it. And you can quote me on that.

    Oh right, I AM going to New Zealand in January...

  3. "What a glory." Good word. Glorious, glorious rain!


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