Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rock Flipping on the Celtic calendar

One more Rock Flipper has reported in.

Mark, at Views from the Bike Shed, realized too late that he's missed the day, and claimed international dateline interference, and then expanded that to say he was operating on the Celtic calendar, and would flip his rocks a week later.

Excuses, excuses!

I let him get away with it, partly because he'd had a very exciting, very important week, partly because I'm a softy. But he lived up to his promise, and posted his results on Google+ today.

I don't know how linking to Google+ works, so I'm reposting the conversation here.

we flipped rocks today - loads of em on the beach at Newgale (just as I said we would) - sadly we forgot the camera!
Find anything interesting?
I'll add you to the list, whether or not. 
Very little - more noticeable for lack of creatures, with one exception.
So we found some anemones, small blennies, a few sand shrimps, what looked like lice, some egg cases, two large whelks - barnacles, limpets and muscles of course.
The unexpected find was a single By The Wind Sailor, Jelly Fish (Velella valella) - these are rare visitors here and normally wash ashore in their millions, not in ones or twos. They are an ocean species and evidently form huge rafts in warmer waters. Last time I saw them they quite literally covered all the beaches in West Wales (hundreds of millions of them) and it required diggers to clean up the rotting mess!

And now I'll go update the list.

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