Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bar coded spider

Resourcefulness; when opportunity knocks, you use whatever you have on hand. Or in hand, as the case may be.

My grandson, at Cougar Creek park, finds a humongous spider ...

And traps her in his chips bag. I don't think she likes lime and black pepper, though.

Sprawled on the bar code, showing her own bar coded under her belly.

A female cross spider, Araneus diadematus, very fat. Probably full of eggs.

We let her go on the damp grass, where she could wipe the lime and pepper off her legs.


  1. Mmmmm, limey pepper spider....

  2. Maybe she was hoping for BBQ. - Margy

  3. Very resourceful, and a much better collection method than the one practiced by Darwin: Out beetle collecting one day, he already had a lovely specimen in each hand when he spied a third, unknown species! But he didn't want to give up the beetles he had... In a quandary, he shoved one beetle into his mouth for safe-keeping while reaching for the third. However, the now-semi-ingested beetle, in great alarm, released some foul-tasting compound, causing Darwin to spit out the beetle and, in his consternation and distress, drop the other two as well. --So just as well you stuck with chip bags. :)

  4. Interesting story, Olivia! I can't imagine putting a beetle in my mouth to hold it. Wriggling legs!


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