Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Silver-spotted Tiger Moth

This moth was sleeping on the wall by the door. We were hurrying to beat the rush hour traffic, but I stopped to take a couple of fast photos. Good thing I did; when we came home, the moth had gone.

Lophocampa argentata, the Silver-spotted Tiger moth. 

This is the same species as the one I found on the Sunshine Coast two years ago, but this one was a darker brown. (When I over-saturated the colours, it showed a hint of purple on the wings.)

Forestry, UBC, says,
Adults on wing in July and August depositing green eggs in clusters on host foliage. Douglas-fir is a major host in the lower mainland.
We have a few Douglas firs among our evergreens. I'll look for those green eggs.

Not a face shot. Although those two black spots might fool a bird into thinking it's some kind of small rodent. With big ears. Or maybe horns?
Speaking of the Sunshine Coast, we're packing again for a trip to Campbell River next week. I'm looking forward to those teeming intertidal zones!


  1. 1. tiger moths? *swoon* BEAUTY!
    2. I'm thinking the eye spot things make it look like it's a tiny panda, resting on a winged platform. Not sure how that'd deter attacks, unless said attacker is aware of the panda's precarious status as a planet resident. And cares. =)

    SO glad you stopped for the photo. And hope we'll get to see the eggs if you find them. =)

  2. Anonymous11:18 pm

    thanks for sharing.


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