Monday, August 06, 2012

Birds in the distance, and a lifer close up.

And returning to the topic at hand ...

The rest of the Reifel Island photos, again, in no particular order. Mostly birds, this time.

Duck and squiggles

Yellowlegs, far in the distance

Cedar waxwing. Love the delicate peach/yellow colouring!

Purple loosestrife, colonizing an islet

Yellow-green water, island with posing heron.


Duckling scratching his belly. How does he get himself so twisty?

Unidentified duck

Manky mallard, maybe?

Towhee, just out of the overhang of the blackberry canes.

Lbb and blackberries. The red one has been nibbled on. I think he has some in his beak.

Little green apple

Young wood duck in the mud at the edge of the slough. A lifer!

One more day, and we're on the road north!

1 comment:

  1. yes the manky duck is a Pekin x , probably with mallard

    I love waxwings, They look seamless, like they were dipped in velvet fluff.


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