Thursday, July 12, 2012


With the warmer weather, moths have started to appear. During the day, orange underwings sleep in hidden corners; when I reach for a garden tool, a panicky moth flies out of the bucket; move a chair and another one erupts from the underside of the armrest. Laurie caught me one.

On my desk, she escaped as I tried to transfer her to a glass-lidded box. But she stopped quickly, and stood there, unmoving, fascinated by my lamp:

As if she were posing for her portrait, all decked out in a creamy cap and feathery antenna.

When I moved the camera around for a face shot, she shook herself once and flew away. After a bit of wandering about, she settled on the curtain, and obligingly showed off a bit of her orange wings.

The second pair of wings is usually exposed only in flight.

Wings closed, in normal sleeping position. I love the warm colours and the gold and beige trim; I'd love to have that in fabric. It would make a beautiful jacket, wouldn't it?

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  1. I could see those colors, textures and patterns in a beautiful tapestry ...


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