Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dusty yellow jacket

When I opened my window on a sunny morning, I found a yellow jacket jammed into the track, dead. How she got in there, I can't imagine. Maybe she was trying to make a hole to build a nest, but the metal window and track are unchewable and she couldn't turn around in the small space.

Bent double, to fit in the narrow groove. And now stuck in that position, and loaded with dust.

The abdomen is strongly marked. Each species of yellow jacket has a slightly different pattern, which also varies according to its station in life; the queen, the worker, or the drone. I think this one is probably Vespula alascensis, but not the queen.

 I soaked her in a mix of half alcohol, half hand sanitizer overnight to soften her up, and straighten her out. It didn't work very well, but at least she got clean:

Slightly surprised, clean face, wet-look hairdo.

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  1. I rarely see things flying in the cabin, but I'm always finding a dead wasp, bee or fly. - Margy


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