Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do bees do yoga?

This bee* was foraging in my blue bacopas. He found one flower particularly tasty, and burrowed deep inside, turning his legs backwards to hold on to the outside of the petals.

Quite a stretch.

*Or bee mimic. It's hard to tell; are those 4 wings (bee), or only 2 (fly)?


  1. Hee. Nice capture.

    Years ago in Utah I took a photo of a bumblebee moving from one flower to another via a LONNNNG stretch (no flight) and labeled it "bee_yoga' 'cause I was also very impressed by that creature's limber-osity.

  2. I vote for bee, because of how the wings fold over each other. Could be wrong.

  3. Thanks, Tim. I thought it was a bee, too, but the more I looked at it, the more I doubted my eyes. "the way the wings fold." That's something to pay attention to, besides counting them. That's a help.


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