Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Definitely not a dead shrew

Why is it that when I Google images, specifying, "upright round stem hairless pink flower," what I get is yellow broom, white mushrooms, a map of Australia, and organpipe cactus, but no pink flowers with upright round stems?

Maybe I was confusing Google with too many criteria? How about, "single stalk hairless pink"? Would that work? Well, if I had been looking for a dead shrew, maybe. Or a live shrew (on a different site). Google also thought that maybe a deer, or an armadillo would match. And, of course, it gave me more yellow broom.

On examining the photo I was trying to match, I decided that red was more accurate. Trying "red" instead of pink, got me green beans and celery, assorted bugs, dogs, a map of Eastern Canada, and the Colosseum in Rome. And after a few dozen yellow, white, blue, and pink flowers, a few red ones, on leafy or hairy stems.

I give up.

We saw this plant in the grass at the edge of Centennial Beach. Does anyone out there know what it is?

Blade-like basal leaves (yes, I Googled this, too), round hairless stems, about a foot tall.

And one red or deep pink flower per stalk.


  1. first thing that jumps to mind is Brodiaea ( congesta?) or Allium species

    will have to wait for those flowers to open

  2. I think you're pretty certainly looking at some sort of allium.

  3. Thanks! Allium looks right. I looked up native species of allium, and it doesn't match any. I'm wondering if it's a garden escape.

  4. Gorgeous plant! Almost looks like an odd globe flower before they open (leaves aren't right). Can't wait to learn what it is.


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