Monday, April 23, 2012

Unexpected 'shrooms

Two weeks ago, I posted photos of cup mushrooms (Peziza sp.) from the new landscaping soil at the church next door.

About three inches across.

We were over there again this Saturday, for the annual garage sale. On the way back home, I stopped to see what was happening underfoot. The cup fungi were still there, and had spread.

But there were many more mushrooms, most of them very tiny:

This was the largest, about 1 1/2 inches tall, with flaky scales and no visible stalk.

Then there were these; the brown ball fungi were at the most 1/2 inch across. I couldn't see any stalks.

And two other species; the relatively big grooved cap 'shrooms, about 1/2 inch tall, and some tiny, flat-topped, black jellies, which may turn out to be cups later on. (Click to see these full size.) There are also a few of the flaky ones, just starting up.

And these. Young grooved ones, with grainy tops, or a different species? I can't tell.

I can't identify any of these. I'll go back tomorrow, to collect a few for closer examination.

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