Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Just a thought

Whether we're on our knees ...

with our noses to a log ...

peering down dark crevices ...

getting our pants muddy ...

or standing tall

to see the distant hills and clouds ...

the expanse of green and grey beach ...

or the ducks far overhead ...

we're never tired of the view.


  1. Ain't that the truth! Love that second photo in particular, great light. Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh wow, that dark cravice is magical! i LOVE THAT KIND OF STUFF.

  3. Darn. Been having real trouble discerning caps lock from upper case recently...

  4. Comment 1,
    Re caps lock. I've been having a similar problem with a new keyboard. I'm getting "/////i" when I try to type "I". So frustrating!

    I'm always taking photos of holes in logs and trees, just to see what the flash reveals. You never know.

  5. I agree. That second picture is magical, an entrance to another world.

  6. And I never tire of your wonderful nature posts. Did you get to see my moss and lichen. Did I get any of the identifications right? - Margy

  7. Margy, yes I saw your post. Sorry; I meant to comment earlier, but I'm sort of swamped with too much going on at the moment, and things get lost. I left a brief comment over there a few minutes ago.

    (Among other things, I'm watching for news of my oldest granddaughter, in labour with her second kid right now.)


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