Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An embarrassment of riches

Like a busy, buzzy, fuzzy King Midas, everything he touches turns him to gold ...

He goes from one nectar-rich dandelion to the next ...

Filling his pollen baskets with a load of powdered gold ...

And getting himself gold-plated right up to the eyeballs in the process.

Honey bee, Apis mellifera, seen in Nicholson Park, Surrey. He is collecting pollen to carry back to the hive in his two big baskets on his hind legs.
A honey bee moistens the forelegs with a protruding tongue and brushes the pollen that has collected on head, body and forward appendages to the hind legs. The pollen is transferred to the pollen comb on the hind legs and then combed, pressed, compacted, and transferred to the corbicula on the outside surface of the tibia of the hind legs. A single hair functions as a pin that secures the middle of the pollen load. Honey and/or nectar is used to moisten the dry pollen, producing the product known as bee pollen or bee bread ... it takes an individual worker bee from three to eighteen minutes to complete a pollen load and return to the hive.. (From Wikipedia)

We're having warm springtime weather and everything has come alive. I'll post flower and weed photos tomorrow, a video the next day, if all goes well.

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