Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crowned heads

Our juncos have gone north for the summer, but the crowned sparrows have arrived to take their place. Today there were a dozen or so white-crowns in my garden:

Adult sparrow, whether male or female, only they know. Not a sage, whatever the sign says, although s/he's wearing  a thoughtful look.

They like my flower pots.

Bath time.

"Are you still watching?"

The few Golden-crowned sparrows are more elusive ...

Even a wire fence helps to hide. At least, it confuses the camera.

Caught dashing across the cement, to check out the crumbs from the chickadee feeder.

The eyebrow markings are solid black, without the white stripe of the white-crowned sparrow.

Another pair behind the "fence".

From Cornell, "All About Birds":
White-crowned Sparrow
  • Bold black and white head stripes
  • Clean gray throat and breast
  • Gray face and nape
  • Pink or orangish bill
Adult Pacific form has:
  • Brown sides and flanks
  • Yellowish bill
Golden-crowned sparrow
Adult Description
  • Large sparrow, small songbird.
  • Yellow crown, bordered by black.
  • Gray face and chest.
  • White wingbars.
  • Back brown with black stripes.
  • Long tail.


  1. White crowns arrived here and in Quesnel two days ago. My backyard has just been POPPING. I love it when they stop by!

  2. Our Juncos left about a month ago. I miss them. Along with the Chickadees, they kept us company all winter. - Margy

  3. They (the sparrows_ are getting a bit rambunctious, digging up newly-transplanted seedlings and tossing dirt onto the paving stones. I've had to cover my seed trays.

    But they're pretty and funny, so we'll cope.


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