Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's about time.

Just getting started.

My long-suffering wood heron getting a beak full.


  1. I wish we had snow. It rarely comes here and causes great celebration when it does. Everyone tips out into the street so it brings a kind of party atmosphere with it - everyone opening their front doors at once and calling out greetings as it begins to fall. Only rain so far this year. (And not a great deal of that.)

  2. eagerly awaiting ours in the next 8 hours. I follow Cliff Mass blog on blogspot ( which I hope you do too) and he says by tomorrow we get all snow ( though little snow). I am eager as there is a fabulous Vine Maple on Cougar Mountain I want to photograph

    My friend in upstate New York has a flammingo in her yard and she posted a photo of it in the snow wearing a toque.

    You heron needs a little hat, too!


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