Friday, January 06, 2012

I sometimes wonder

... how it is that we derive so much pleasure from what are almost random configurations of water vapour and air. On our way to Crescent Beach, the other day, Laurie took these from the car window as I drove.

Passing Mud Bay, following the coast. The highway goes West to East here.

Still looking south/

Mud Bay Station parking lot just visible at lower right.

On my side of the car, I watch for clouds of starlings (early afternoon) or gulls (sunset), more cloud formations, and the ever-changing light on Mount Baker. But I don't take photos: I'm driving.

A Skywatch post.


  1. Lovely sky shots! I recently discovered a Cloud Appreciation Society in England. Their site is here:
    I like a place where cloud lovers can unite and thrill each other with photos. They also have a Facebook page.

  2. beautiful swf entries!

  3. Beautiful skies - I'm so glad to learn it wasn't you taking them ... after all YOU'RE driving!!! I know how that feels, since I'm the only driver around here and when I see a shot I either miss it ... or pull over if it's safe (usually it isn't!).

    I love clouds. They are so fascinating as they change around us.

  4. Love the clouds--but a cloud of starlings or blackbirds is even better!

  5. I didn't know the name, but Mud Bay is very apropos. I always look out that way when I pass. Almost looks like in a storm tide it could go over the road. - Margy


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