Friday, January 20, 2012

Bushtits vs. squirrels; who will win?

The squirrels stole my suet cage. I had it tied on a branch with good steel wire; it didn't deter them. They were welcome to snack on the suet, but not to take it away, cage and all.

I got another cage, and more suet, and double-wired it. They stole that one.

I found a third torn off the tree, abandoned half-way down the lawn. Empty, of course. They managed to steal that one for good, with its suet refill, a bit later.

I've been looking for a new cage since the weather turned cold. Everywhere, they've been sold out; I think all the local squirrels have been busy.

Finally, two days ago, I found one in the supermarket. This one came with a heavier chain than the previous three; I've hung it from the chain, and added new wire.

A flock of bushtits found the suet by the next morning. I love to watch how they all swoop in, as if blown by the wind, swarm over the cage, hanging from all sides and the bottom for a couple of minutes, and then blow down and away, like little grey leaves.

I count 17 here.

"Wait for me!"
I wonder how long this one will last.



    I can clearly remember being fascinated as they sat in a fir tree outside out living-room window. I was probably 4

    cotton puffs on sticks, living tree ornaments I have been enchanted by them ever since.

  2. Those pesky squirrels. We're lucky that Mom's balcony is well out of their reach. I'm sure they could find a way. It's a bit of a climb to the third floor on metal siding, so that will probably keep us safe. - Margy


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