Friday, December 30, 2011

A remedy for the grumpies

"Still raining!" This is the common greeting around here, these days. Yesterday was the eighth straight day of the stuff. Drizzly, cold, constant rain. And the weather people are promising us another two weeks of it before the first sunny day. In which I no longer believe. It is going to rain all winter, every single day; I'm sure it is. Bah!

That's the greyness speaking. Snow, at least, reflects and whitens the light; rain drowns it. At three in the afternoon, it was too dark to read outside. And we couldn't see the red colouring on the finches; all the birds looked drab grey and muddy black.

I needed to remind myself of sunshine; it exists, even here, even at the tail end of the year. Really. These photos, from the White Rock beach, barely nine days ago, prove it.

Orange dog carefully walking a log.

Common  goldeneye male.


Mount Baker, reflecting the light. Look for the two eagles.

Robin's heart on a rock

By the railroad track two rabbits hid in the wild rose thicket until we had passed.

Red canoe and pink sky

Bare branches with crow's nest, turned red-brown by the sinking sun.

The rose hips are plentiful this year.

Folds in a sandstone rock.

Laurie sees a face in this log; I see a sleek otter curled up to sleep inside the scar.

A Skywatch post. 


  1. Well, I was feeling a bit grumpy here, but that certainly cured it. Cheers!

  2. Beautiful photos!! After almost a month of rain we've finally got snow and it's wonderful :) Hugs from Anette in Norway :)

  3. Sorry to hear about all that rain!

    Lovely clear and sunny series of shots!

    Happy New Year

  4. Constant rain must be difficult. Hope it lets up soon. Feel free to send in my direction down the coast in CA... we could really use it!

  5. Gorgeous captures.

    My Skywatch,please come and see. Happy new year!

  6. Lovely shots to remind us of what a beautiful place we live in. The sun today was a welcome surprise. - Margy

  7. Hi Weeta, lovely post even if it is raining...all the little things you notice and bring to our attention that nature is truly wonderful...thanks.

  8. Margy, You got sun? Lucky you! The sun came out here, so I put on a sweater and went out to do a bit of yard cleanup, at least to get rid of drowned leaves and soggy bird seed shells. I had barely grabbed the broom when it started to rain again.

    Spare Parts; You're welcome to any of our rain you can entice away from here!


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