Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One-track mind

I'm too tired to think, maybe even to finish this before I fall asleep. The past few days have been exciting and a bit tense. All good, and I'll have the story for you as soon as I get it all sorted out, but now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

So I hope you'll forgive me if I'm a bit silly tonight.

On the White Rock railroad track, last week:

A sliver of golden hillside, reflected.

Down at ground level, this way, I remembered ... Sixty years or so ago, I put a copper penny down on that track, just ahead, around the bend. The train flattened it so that there's just a hint of lettering left. The trains went faster, in those days; the experiment, repeated now, nets me a squished penny, still identifiable.

I just went to look. After all those sixty years of peregrinations, packings and unpackings, I still have the penny.

A more conventional view. Looking east, towards the pier.

Looking west. Someone has lit a bonfire on the beach.

And now, goodnight!


  1. My brothers told me that doing such a thing was dangerous. Pennies can derail trains

    and the government, they dont like you defacing their property.

    But then again my brothers told me the reason some dragonflies were red is that they suck blood.

    Mr Lincoln got plenty of mistreatment at our hands, scofflaws that we were.

    But I had issues with apprehension towards dragonflies for a long time.

  2. Hah! We did the same thing with pennies many times, and never did see a train derail (though we also were told it could happen!) ... but we lost quite a few pennies along the way.

    I love the shot with the reflection in the rail. I never would have thought it was possible!!!

  3. I love that first shot, with the reflection in the rails!!!
    I never did the penny on the tracks thing, mostly because I was too old for such foolishness when I heard about doing it...
    Now that I am not too old for such foolishness, maybe I should try it...

  4. There is a photo contest at "Panda's Thumb" http://www.pandasthumb.org/

    I really think you should enter.

    I enjoy looking at your images. Thanks.

  5. My train (from Bellingham) chugs right past you in White Rock. But I better not try to jump on board. They might frown on it passing through the border. - Margy


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