Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is the first Peregrine Falcon I have seen in the wild, as far as I know. He was sitting in a dead tree above the path this afternoon, at Reifel Island. A passing photographer pointed out his usual tree to me; I'll be looking for him there in future trips.

A disapproving stare; I was making too much happy noise.

Keeping his eye on us, over his shoulder.

Between the two of us, we took over 400 photos. And another couple of hundred the afternoon before at White Rock. We were taking advantage of two sunny days in a row, a welcome change.

But it's going to take me several days to sort them out; I'll post big-footed coots and amorous mallards tomorrow.


  1. looks like a full and happy crop.

    We get a fair number down at the Sammish Flats in winter. You can have a 5 falcon species day there if you hit it lucky, (occasionally a Prarie will show up) Most people come away with 3.

    Seattle has many of them nesting on bridges. They are quite predictable in their hunting routines.

  2. Great shots. Isn't this weather glorious? - Margy


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