Monday, June 06, 2011

Just a reminder ...

... to myself.

Sometimes, with all the construction going on around us, the traffic and dust, I forget what a green city this is, really. Here's a view of a busy area of Vancouver, taken from near the top of Vancouver General Hospital: we used to live right in the middle of all that greenery.

Cambie Street, Queen E. Park, Mount Baker

Where we are now, in Delta, the plantings are newer, the open areas larger, but just down the hill we have Burns Bog and the Watershed Park, both under dense stands of trees. And then there is wide, flat farmland down on the true delta, where the winds blow fresh, where gulls and eagles play overhead. No wonder Vancouver (and area, the GVRD) scores high on the lists of the world's most livable cities!

I just needed to remember that; the air was dusty this afternoon from the construction projects next door and down the street, and I was grumbling.

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  1. You have a better view of Mt. Baker from Vancouver than we do on Bakerview Road here in Bellingham. Too close I guess. - Margy


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