Monday, April 04, 2011


18 years and counting:

Sasha, contented on my lap.

She followed my daughter and the children, one of them a toddler, home, and refused to leave. 18 years later, thin and fragile, but still enjoying sunshine, food, and petting, she greets me when I arrive and climbs on my lap when I sit down.

We love you Sasha. May your days be kind and your nights warm for a long time yet!

(I'm still busy, probably until Tuesday, it looks like.)


  1. oh, she is a sweetie! i do hope she will be healthy and comfortable for a while yet! :)

  2. She wears her years well.

  3. What a wonderful long life. My (now Mom's) cat Stick Tail must be pushing 17. We estimated his age (he came to us as a stray) at about 12 when Mom moved to Bellingham and she has been here for five years. He sleeps a lot but is still loving and in relatively good health. - Margy


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