Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ping-pong paddle worm

Back in February, I brought home a big, empty thatched acorn barnacle shell. Empty, that is, except for a colony of tiny acorn barnacles and a handful of mussels. And this worm:

I looked for it and quickly found it on the web. However, the one it looked like was an Atlantic and European species, so over the last month, I've been sporadically going back and hunting around. It wasn't until yesterday that I found it mentioned in a book of invertebrates from California to Oregon, as an import from the Eastern seaboard. Good enough; I think it's a Phyllodoce mucosa.

There is an excellent photos here, and a video showing walking style of a different species of Phyllodoce.


  1. i love his tiny little paddles!

  2. Love your videos. What music was that? I have that music somewhere. How do you slip your music passed the copyright laws?

  3. Only you could make me look at this worm and see a lovely creature :)

  4. dAwN, That makes my day!

    Eileen, the music was "Agora", by Phil Keaggy. I don't have to worry about copyright: YouTube does it for me. When you upload a video, up at the top of the screen is a button that says, "AudioSwap". I click that, and it gives me a large selection of available music clips (always different), in several categories. I can choose any one, and preview the video with it. If I don't like it, I try the next. And the next ...

    It usually takes me about an hour to test samples and find one that more or less ties into the video. This last time, it was more like three hours, because YouTube kept freezing. (I can be obsessive, too.)

    I can limit the ones I test by clicking the button that limits the music clips to a similar length. But it's almost impossible to find one exactly the right length; I usually go with "almost".

    Try it sometime!

    BTW, I have been intending to e-mail you: I'll do that tomorrow. It's past bedtime, tonight.

  5. Great movie, as always, so informative. Thank you for all the hard work to show us some tiny wild things.

  6. Beautiful, simple video! Very calming and uplifting blog, and I love your 'About Me' bit. Great to be on Carnival of the Blue with you.


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