Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self-portrait in a spider's eyes.

I found this unfortunate spider curled up and dead in the middle of the hall yesterday morning.

The obligatory ID shot. Another hunter, but very tiny.

With the macro lens, I noticed how brilliant his eyes were. So I tried for a face shot...

And found my lens and camera body reflected in his eyes.

He has a sort of cute kitten face, if you ignore the fact that all the features, "mouth", eyes, and "ears", are really eyes. Some kind of crud is hiding the first eye on the bottom row.


  1. I am sorry, but no matter how you look at this guy, he does NOT have a cute kitten face!

  2. I see a little teddy bear face. :)

  3. Don't Bug Me! :-P

    Texwisgirl, yes, teddy bear works, too.

  4. I see the face and yes, like texwisgirl, I see a young bear cub face. Poor little creature.


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