Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Travelling musician

Life, if you're a worm, is uncomplicated. The simple pleasures; eating, resting, housekeeping. The excitement of sex, in season. You live in the moment. Dangers and difficulties will be dealt with when they come. Qué será, será.

Of course, you protect yourself as your worm ancestors always did, burying yourself in the sand, building a strong tube for shelter. Then you go cheerfully up to find your next tasty mouthful of debris.

Sometimes, though, a worm discovers a strategy that makes things a lot more interesting. This little genius, for example. (I think he's planning to become a conductor of an orchestra.)

(As usual, YouTube embedding doesn't seem to handle the sound properly, at least for the first day.  Now I find that I have to click the "Full Screen" button to start it. I can come back to here immediately afterwards, and it's fine.

And get rid of the ad; it hides a couple of captions.)


  1. That was a great video! Must be a retired worm - traveling the countryside in it's own mobile home. A busy fellow.

  2. The way his 'arms' flail around reminds me of those strange stick-men advertising things that they use a wind machine to keep dancing in the parking lots of stores having sales. :)

  3. awesome! That's super cute, and I think living in the wake of a busy, munching hermit crab would increase the amount of errant bits of food floating past. So cool! =)

  4. Very interesting video! Thanks for posting.

  5. "... retired worm ..." I like that!

    Those advertising windbag thingies; that's exactly what it's like. Maybe it's powered on the same principle. Water currents, though, instead of air.

  6. Very nice video. Susannah, you did a great job at editing along with the pick of music. That takes talent.

  7. I loved it, Susannah! I loved the music you chose to go with him, and he certainly seemed not to mind ... in fact I think he was dancing in time!!!


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