Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleeping under the sky

Sometimes we see faces or animals in clouds. Sometimes they're in snow-capped mountains. It's rare, however, that Laurie and I see the same thing, without prompting. But we both saw an old lady lying on the North Shore mountains, the other day. Do you see her?

North Shore, from entrance to Centennial Park, Tsawwassen.

That was such a nice, warm day! And now our weather has reverted to winter. The birdbath is frozen solid, and has little raised pimples where hail fell and never melted. The birds will be hungry tomorrow!


  1. Saw the old gal right away.

    -20 and snowing at the moment. Sigh.

  2. Wow, yes, absolutely! =)

  3. I'm being thick and don't see the lady - but may be that is because my eyes are drawn irresistibly to the mountains.


  4. Lucy, Not thick, at all. It's all in the way our eyes adjust at any moment.

    It's rare that Laurie and I see the same thing.

  5. I saw her right away, maybe my eyes are sort of trained from Hawaiian vacations and looking at the sleeping giant, the pregnant woman and the profile of JFK which i think was helped a little to be JFK. Beautiful picture and the first time i've seen our own sleeping lady!


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