Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tiny, but fat. Globular, even.

These cuties were in a dish of moss flanked by two rusty birds.

Bird with globular springtail (Dicyrtomina ornata?) on his beak.

Heading down to the moss. They don't like my light.

Two springtails in the moss.

Another view. The moss is under an inch tall, the springtail around 1 mm. long.

Zooming in.

I notice little spikes coming out of the tail end, on this one and another couple. Hairs, or tubes?  Frans Janssens mentions wax excretions, with a similar photo. I must e-mail him to ask about them.

And, in reply to Anon. in recent comments, these last three photos were taken with the little Sony and that old homemade lens. It gives me about an extra 2x magnification. Now to upgrade it ...

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