Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring break

It's spring! *Does a happy happy springy spring dance. Woo-hoo!* *Comes back down to earth.*

Well, maybe it's not quite spring, but my patch of lily of the valley is full of brand-new, spiky flower stalks. Good enough for me. And the hellebore is budding up; I'll have flowers soon. Spring!

Lily of the valley from last year's crop.
 I have two hellebore plants. One is in a big planter just outside the back door, and I noticed the first new sprouts last week. But of three stalks, two were broken off and lying on the dirt. I blamed cutworms or something similar. (So early in the year?)  Then I caught a squirrel in the act; staring me insolently in the face, he jumped into the planter, bit the last sprout off at the top, and ate the bud.

I dashed out to check the other plant; it was fine, so far. But I upended a pot rack over it and piled rocks on top. Just try to nibble those, Mr. Bud Eater! I wired a holey ice cream bucket over the injured one. Looks awful, but no squirrel is going to have my hellebores.

I don't think they eat Lily of the Valley. They'd better not.

And now, I'm watching for the first green shoots of the rest; daffs and crocuses any day now. And at least a few hellebores.

Dutchman's Breeches, March 2010

Bleeding heart, March 2010
Now, back to the grindstone. Almost done with this batch. (I'm editing documents for my son's business.)


  1. Susannah, I'm so jealous! We're still under feet of snow. When we lived on the Island, hellebores were certainly ready to bloom about now, the Christmas ones, at least. And your lily of the valley is even up, never mind with flower stalks. Wow.

    We've got to get back down to the Island, heh!!

  2. Beautiful plants! Yes, cutworms I find about the MOST aggravating because they eat a TINY, TINY cross section of where the stem emerges from the ground, and leave. So YOU find your lovely plant lying prostrate, gasping and dying, cut off from its roots. FRUSTRATING. BEST of luck to you re: fending off munchers. GO! =)

  3. Jealous of Lilly of the Valley. Can't get it to grow here. (Slugs in the bulbs.)


  4. The dirty devil! I had a rabbit do that one year -- really set my plantback and then I had to move the poor thing - and they don't like being moved. I'm afraid my hellebores are under a goodly amount of snow at the moment.

    Got into Van today -- ugly, ugly day. Came Dow as far as Abby in Saturday which was a good travel day.

  5. Spring is almost here but I love Spring Break but unfortunately, I still have to work to pay my way through school and because of that, I have to stay home. But I do work at DISH and they have released a new app that will allow you to watch all of your favorite shows whether it be live or in your DVR. So no matter where I am at or what I am doing, I can always take my TV with me.

  6. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Seriously, you have flowers starting to show already? Color me jealous! I hope nothing eats the rest of the blooms - I'm looking forward to some serious vicarious living!


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