Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chirp, tweet, Caw!

At ground level, ice and snow; up in the treetops, warm, glowing sunshine. While the cormorant and mallards moped around at Cougar Creek Park, looking grumpy, the trees were a-twitter with happy birds.

16 birds here. Can you see them?

I think they're pine siskins, by the streakiness, the size, and the activity.

Eating the dried alder cones. And chirping in between bites.

Some of the birds weren't twittering:

Caw!  Caw!

At the eastern end of the lagoon, a congress of crows was having a convention. Every one of them had something urgent to say, and they weren't waiting for microphones. I wonder what they were discussing. Maybe the new buds all over the branches, signs of coming spring?


  1. I too wonder what the crows discuss when they gather and how they make out what each other is crowing about in all the din. Mind you, I wonder that at some human gatherings too!

  2. Compared with the little birds, they are exuding a contemplative atmosphere.


  3. I watch from the window sometimes and often see it's another kind of bird they're gossiping about but when they get really frenzied it's usually a cat, squirrel or maybe a racoon that's creeping in too close to "their" property.


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